Superweek 2014

We’ve been to SuperWeek 2014 in Hungary, with support from Google, and it was a blast. In case you did not know, it is one of a kind conference dedicated to Web Analytics. Created by Bánóczy Zoltán and his company AALL, SuperWeek is a place to be if you deal with web analytics in any professional way, and in case you are living in Europe.

Tagline of conference is:

SUPERWEEK conference is a unique, anual European gathering of data evangelists, analysts and thought leaders of the Modern Web Industry.

I would say:

Place to learn and to share, place where you can see where to aim for, place to find and educate clients.

Being there is great investment and of great value. Not all things are publicly available (certain presentations and talks) and are limited to ones who were there.

My credentials

My credentials

The Speakers

All the people you know from their blogs, companies… the ones that matter. And certanly Avinash. Being The Star of this community, he was mentioned non stop, day before his arrival. There was almost worship moments with mentioning of his name. Certanly, Mr Kaushik is the person who is, based on his history and effort and results, the one who moves industry forward with his exposure and evangelizm of actionable measurement and involvement with clients. About his speach – little later.

Boys and gals gave us their overview of the market, tools, insights, strategies and overall – where do we move as industry and how to deal with clients (both internal and external).

By personal opinion, first day was packed with great sessions, and the last 2 days were just like cherry on the top. Great talks and exhange with speakers beside Avinash.


Good people gathered all available presentations and data on Dropbox so feel free to use them (beside official one download link above). Some of them are usable only to people who were there as there is a big context behind presentations. This is one of the reasons to be next year in Hungary. Hear the people, ask the questions, interact.

The conference

It would be shame to take out certain speakers and their themes as it would be long list of lectures and presentations I attended, and I am afraid to miss someone. However, I can pinpoint themes and takeaways suitable for companies, like the one I represent.

Speakers at SuperWeek by  Søren Mortensen

Speakers at SuperWeek by Søren Mortensen

This region of Europe still does not have the agency of size like the one we’ve seen on SuperWeek, which is a problem. We can not relate to problems these kind of companies cope with. Most of questions going to speakers were oriented toward practical problems agencies and professionals have. Big companies have big problems, big headcount and clients that have big problems. We have less bodies in office, many clients and wrong ratio between quality and profit. To be more descriptive – we have problem puting price of our services.

As there is no mature market for this kind of services (in region), and the clients have just entered this land of web analytics – everything is very fragile and full of child-disease-like situations. To us – anything that produces value and not-so-obvious consulting or business measurement (read : how to put a price on new visitor) is new and strange, and never before seen. SuperWeek was and will be a place to educate ourself and clients, place to learn how to move forward.

The tools and services that make life easier – is important thing that I can take away from SuperWeek. Open discussion and panels with sharing of best practices – the best.

The venue

At first, mentioned mountain in Hungary (Galyatető) sounded like a bad idea. But being there – it is a great spot. Like a retreat, with no interuptions, distractions – total devotion to things that matter.

SuperWeek 2015 – see you there next year.

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