Internet, statistics and digital marketing – Serbia & Croatia

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Understanding of local market (Serbia) is possible only if we have something to compare it with. In order to understanding, we took nearest market with similar population structure (Croatia).

Serbia and Croatia – Internet, statistics and digital marketing

Average internet speed is approximately the same so Internet experience is also the same. Facebook usage is also approximately the same and it is 23 minutes average per day (Google AdPlanner).

When comparing the population, Serbia with 7.2 million residents has 56.44% of internet users. Over 83% of Internet users are on Facebook – Croatia has 4.3 million residents and a little higher percentage of population on the internet (61.9%) and less Facebook active users (57.09%).

Serbia has almost 50% more users in opposition to Croatia.

If we look at the territory that consists of EX-YU countries we would have a popullation of over 20 million people, 11.5 million internet users (57.29%) and 8.11 million Facebook users (over 70.32% of online population) or 40% of popullation.

Digital marketing

By analyzing money spent on Internet marketing, Serbia 12.2 million eur (IAB Serbia AdEx) and Croatia 11.098 million (HURA AdEx). We cannot compare market researches by year since methodology for data collecition for Internet was standardized in 2011.

By using this data as well as other parameters we can see that investition of advertiser per internet user is bigger for 40% in Croatia than in Serbia although total spent is higher for 1 million eur.


Ahead of us is a market that is expanding every day and cries out for advertisers investitions. Brands and companies have incredible population ahead of them from country to country that they can reach easy. The only question is what stragegy they will use and are they going to include digital channel of communication in marketing mix and engagement of specialized agencies.

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