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Glavni direktor Marketing tehnologija (Chief Marketing Technologist Officer)

Ukoliko ste pratili dešavanja na globalnoj sceni po pitanju marketinga, niste mogli a da ne primetite neminovno pomeranje kako budžeta tako i fokusa ...


Formiranje URL adrese sa RegEx za Omnicomov OCP u Google Analitici

Česta situacija koju korisnici sistema imaju, ukoliko koriste Google Analytics alat, je OCP-ov URI (sve posle imena domena u URL-u). Svaka nova verzi ...


Rock The World u Srbiji – odbranjena titula najveće i najbolje Google AdWords agencije

Huge Media je odbranila titulu najveće Google AdWords agencije u Srbiji, pošto je drugu godinu za redu pobedila na Rock The World (All Stars) region ...


Google Analytics lost guide for solving returns and changes in ecommerce

Dealing with ecommerce in Google Analytics is always a challenge - taking into account all details you need to fulfill in order for data to be stored ...


Pregled medijskih sajtova u Srbiji i stepen implementacije Google Analitike (sa preporukama)

Unazad mesecima pravimo pregled implementacije praćenja posetilaca i analize sadržaja koji se konzumiraju na medijskim sajtovima. Nadamo se da su ...

About Huge Media

Huge Media llc was founded on August 28 2008. It is a fully privately owned company, based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Digital Marketing Agency

We are a digital marketing agency providing clients with a full range of services for marketing through digital channels.


Our team is made up of young, energetic people who, though young, posses vast experience in marketing and IT industries. Combining the knowledge of these two industries, with our employees’ drive to succeeded we not only provide clients with a trusted partner for core advertising solutions on the internet, such as Pay Per Click Campaigns, Social Media Management, SEO, Email Newsletter but transgress new frontiers in marketing with state of the art solutions such as augmented reality Facebook Applications, etc.


Our vision is to provide clients with the fresh and brave approach to their marketing needs in the world of 0s and 1s, at the same time staying true to proven and tested digital marketing channels and strategies, giving them the best of old and new. Our vision is to also use our knowledge to improve the society at large. Maybe it’s not something marketing agencies do but we live not only in digital societies but in real ones, too. We love improving both.


Our mission is to keep going forward while keeping an eye on the path we’ve already trodden combining vision with experience to provide the solutions which maximize clients investments. Our mission is to give client not only a marketing campaign but to gather, analyze, structure the data from the actions we’ve taken to promote the product and improve both future campaigns and client’s business. Our mission is to know the most and be the best.

Web Fest

We love what we do. We are proud to transfer our visions to others who share this world with us. That’s why we proudly co-organize the biggest internet festival in the Adriatic region Web Fest (, together with our partners from Agena ( and Icon Creative ( The goal of the festival is to promote the usage of internet, increase the quality of internet content and kick start internet entrepreneurship and start-up culture through education, competition and support.


We love useful tools and use them regularly. Google Apps for Businesses, Basecamp, CampFire, BackPack, Highrise, SEOMoz Pro, and some we’ll keep a secret.


Internet is not a new media. Opportunities it provides us with maybe new. We are here to use those opportunities both commercially and socially to build a successful business and a better society.

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