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Glavni direktor Marketing tehnologija (Chief Marketing Technologist Officer)

Ukoliko ste pratili dešavanja na globalnoj sceni po pitanju marketinga, niste mogli a da ne primetite neminovno pomeranje kako budžeta tako i fokusa ...


Formiranje URL adrese sa RegEx za Omnicomov OCP u Google Analitici

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Rock The World u Srbiji – odbranjena titula najveće i najbolje Google AdWords agencije

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Google Analytics lost guide for solving returns and changes in ecommerce

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Pregled medijskih sajtova u Srbiji i stepen implementacije Google Analitike (sa preporukama)

Unazad mesecima pravimo pregled implementacije praćenja posetilaca i analize sadržaja koji se konzumiraju na medijskim sajtovima. Nadamo se da su ...

Huge Media is GDPR Compliant

Huge Media takes care of the privacy of its visitors and users and is wholly devoted to the protection of your personal data and their correct usage in accordance with the data protection laws. Huge Media’s management, as well as its employees and externally engaged associates are obliged to safeguard all data which are the property of Huge Media and all data which are used in providing services and are co-ownership of our clients.

Our doing business is in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, which was enacted as a law by the European Parliament and has as an objective to return control over personal data to those whose data is collected and to simplify the regulatory environments for international transactions by uniting the regulations within EU.

Our doing business is also in accordance with the requirements of the EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD  Document.

Our doing business is also in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia which regulate this field.

Vladimir KovacevicVladimir Kovačević 
Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a position that manages the company security, which is required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Data Protection Officer is responsible for the supervision of data protection strategy and its implementation, in order to ensure accordance with GDPR requirements.

DIGITAL MARKETING is our main business. We store all data which are collected and used during the provision of our DIGITAL MARKETING services on a Google Drive server, MailChimp database for the subscribers of our our official newsletters, on Google Analytics servers when visiting one of our web locations, on social media networks’ servers (Facebook, Instagram and others), as well as on servers which ensure proper functioning and / or distribution of our web apps.

We observe all laws of the Republic of Serbia completely, as well as those covering data protection in European Union and United States of America, specifically - GDPR and EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD. We cooperate with the Office of the Commissioner of Republic of Serbia to help our clients always have and keep their databases in accord with the laws of the Republic of Serbia and we apply the same rules to ourselves.

For all those who want to delete their data from our databases, we have enabled them to do so by sending us an e-mail to this address:

Here you can download our Privacy Policy.

Contact us and exercise your rights of deletion, alteration, downloading, prohibition of use and storing data.

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