Huge Media defends the title of Biggest Google AdWords Agency in Serbia

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Huge Media defends the title of Biggest Google AdWords Agency in Serbia

Huge Media defends the Title of the Biggest Google AdWords Agency in Serbia, winning the regional Rock The World competition of marketing agencies within Google Partners program for the second year running.

Our AdWords team had the biggest revenue in Second Quarter of 2015 on the Serbian market, confirming Huge Media’s status as a No. 1 for Google AdWords advertising. We will also be making a trip to Google’s HQ in Mountain View in California, as a reward from Google.

-Everybody is so happy within the Agency, since this is another award for us, and is a continuation of a series of awards we’ve been winning regionally since 2010. No matter how many times you are first, the feeling is still wonderful-Srdjan Erceg, Chief Executive Officer.

Google Rock The World Competition is a global competition for marketing agencies, organized by Google within the Google Partners program. It gives the agencies an opportunity to compete against each other in their perspective markets, and also an opportunity to get them physically all together to meet and mingle in Silicone Valley, where it all started.

Huge Media won the same competition in 2014 held under the Google Partners AllStar Competition and will get the chance to once again meet up with the biggest agencies from all over the world and continue to learn and progress.

If you are interested in working together with us and improve your digital marketing campaigns, please give us a call via our online form, email address or by phone at +381 11 324 1612.

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