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Glavni direktor Marketing tehnologija (Chief Marketing Technologist Officer)

Ukoliko ste pratili dešavanja na globalnoj sceni po pitanju marketinga, niste mogli a da ne primetite neminovno pomeranje kako budžeta tako i fokusa ...


Formiranje URL adrese sa RegEx za Omnicomov OCP u Google Analitici

Česta situacija koju korisnici sistema imaju, ukoliko koriste Google Analytics alat, je OCP-ov URI (sve posle imena domena u URL-u). Svaka nova verzi ...


Rock The World u Srbiji – odbranjena titula najveće i najbolje Google AdWords agencije

Huge Media je odbranila titulu najveće Google AdWords agencije u Srbiji, pošto je drugu godinu za redu pobedila na Rock The World (All Stars) region ...


Google Analytics lost guide for solving returns and changes in ecommerce

Dealing with ecommerce in Google Analytics is always a challenge - taking into account all details you need to fulfill in order for data to be stored ...


Pregled medijskih sajtova u Srbiji i stepen implementacije Google Analitike (sa preporukama)

Unazad mesecima pravimo pregled implementacije praćenja posetilaca i analize sadržaja koji se konzumiraju na medijskim sajtovima. Nadamo se da su ...


Internet Advertising Media Planning

Huge Media provides clients with Internet Advertising Media Planning for all marketing channels available on the internet. We provide full range of services from initial research, strategic planning to final execution of the campaign, followed by reporting and post-buy marketing and business analysis where applicable so you can do your business while we take care of your digital marketing campaigns.

Pay Per Click / Pay Per Action (Search and Content) campaign management

Pay Per Click or Pay Per Action, depending on the business model, campaign management is one the most complex segments of internet advertising media planning and that’s why we pay it most of attention. Success doesn't come easy. It’s not only about the budget. It’s about your website, proper selection of keywords, ad copy, segmentation and optimization, and then doing it all over again.

When properly managed these type of campaigns can bring best Return on Investment (ROI) from Search Engines, as well as Content Marketing networks.

Keyword Analysis

Cornerstone of every Search or Content campaign is the selection of the right keywords. Not keywords that someone thinks are key words but the ones that through data crunching and analysis have been shown to bring conversions i.e. sales, leads, sign-ups, downloads.

That is why we pay special attention to keywords. Sometime will make a client work even more or change its marketing in offline channels when we discover the real keywords.

Ad copy

Writing an ad copy is business and art. Business is keywords, call to action, information and art is putting it in a literate sentence that will drive both clicks and conversions. Of course when we speak of text ads.

Banners and other visual ads are again business and art. Copywriters, artists, creative directors, developers. We do it all.


Our clients range from smallest of companies to large international financial institutions and each has its own unique set of products, services and marketing needs. We have to make sure we properly structure campaigns to maximize their budgets however big or small they are.

This way every product or service will be marketed to the audience who is most likely to convert.


Market never sleeps and neither do we. Things change. On the Web quicker than in other markets or maybe we just find out quicker than ever before. Whichever way we constantly monitor clients’ campaigns and optimize them accordingly. We track everything clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, ad copy success, even products clients forget to tell us are out of stock. That’s why we are here.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is the next big thing happening right now. Smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Nokias...older phones. media...everything has already gone mobile and who knows what is next

Advertising, applications, engagement, integration with websites and communities. We've got it covered.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important services we provide. Search Engine ranking is one of the most important long-term aspects of online marketing for every client. Potential customers finding you on a first page or better yet in top spot on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines not only drives visits to your website but strengthens the brand, image of the company and It is so important that you just cannot leave it to chance.

Huge Media provides clients with initial analysis and recommendations, as well as implementation management. We use SEO tools to make calculated decisions based again on data. Both for on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is partially covered through content networks but now we are talking about premium positions on major websites and rich-media formats and they sell at the premium. And we do that, too. Less work in a preparation phase, but all the rest we do the same. Monitor, analyze, report, optimize.

We work with DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers) platform and Gemius, as well as cooperate with other media buying agencies. The client will have the best possible service whichever way we cant get it. No nonsense.
Social Media Marketing

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LikedIn, YouTube provide a huge range of possibilities to promote new and fresh content, making them a perfect place to expand or generate a new long-term two-way public channel of communication. Simultaneously they may be advertising platforms as well as gaming platforms where we can target the desired group or engage it.

Communication is the essence in every case. Just like with other forms of marketing we use analytic tools to gather information and base our decisions on that.

Newsletter Marketing

Although one of the oldest forms of promotion is as good today as it was ever. It’s actually getting better. Delivering the right message at the right time is very powerful both for driving conversions as well as for analysis.

We are MailChimp’s Partner and use their excellent service to make sure emails will be delivered the way our clients want them delivered. No, when it is best for their business for it to be done so.
Business Analysis

Bottom line it’s about the business. Whether it is about strengthening the brand, improving sales, gathering new leads. We can give you clicks, and likes, and beautiful marketing numbers...but do they show how your business is doing? That’s what are goal is - to improve your business. We don’t have clients we have partners and friends.

Of course we have to enjoy it and to enjoy it you don’t need data. So, sometimes we’ll take you down the unknown road which simply feels right. That’s what we love doing. New stuff and being first. For our clients and for ourselves.

And we make mistakes and use them to get better. That’s why we are the best.

Hard work for 15 people

Yes, everything we've mentioned takes a lot of hard work. Yes, we work hard. Yes, we like it. Yes, we have fun.

And there are fifteen of us to make sure everything works the way it should.


Here is a short list of networks we use most regularly: Google AdWords, Facebook, Etarget, httpool, PopBox, ZepterAds, adMob.

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